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Solitaire is a card game. This card game is relatively new and is known exclusively by computer implementations. Solitaire successfully combines high complexity, complete information and a meager percentage of combinations that cannot be folded.

Solitaire Rules

The main goal of Solitaire is to move all the cards by seniority and suit from the lower piles to the top four cells of the game table. The intermediate goal is to move the cards in the lower piles so that there are cards on top of these piles that can be moved up, but also taking care of not blocking the very possibility of moving between the lower piles. In order for a card to take its place in the top cell, it must be top in the bottom stack, and the previous card of the same suit must be visible in the top cell.

In general, the traditional rules of unfolding look like this: your task is to assemble 4 decks, each of which contains 13 cards of the same suit. The important thing is that these cards should be collected in ascending order.

Initially, there is a layout in front of you in eight vertical rows. The top card on each column is open, all the others are hidden. Above the rows of the layout there are four free cells in which you need to put cards, starting with Aces, two’s, etc., as in any solitaire). On the other side of the field is a deck with the remaining cards.

You can, at your discretion, move cards from one row to another in descending order (from Ace to King), while not forgetting about the alternation of colors of the suit (red suit follows black and vice versa, regardless of the specific suit), until you select these cards from the deck.

Cards that interfere with you can be put away in four spare cells. If the reserve seats allow, then you can move the whole assembled parts. Solitaire is considered completed only when all the cards are disassembled and distributed into four cells in the desired sequence.