Play Free Tripeaks Solitaire

Tripeaks Solitaire

The origin of the Tripeaks:

As with the vast majority of card solitaire games, the author and the year of creation of the Tripeaks Solitaire remain a secret. Most likely, the computer version was created on the basis of the usual, “live” layout.

Variants of a seemingly similar game with similar rules are part of card entertainment, which many people were fond of even before the development of modern technology.

At the beginning of the session, 28 cards from a standard 52-sheet deck without jokers are laid out on the playing field. The name of the solitaire reflects the appearance of the layout, and resembles a mountain range.

The upper tier represents the vertices formed by three maps.

There are already six pieces on them. In the next tier, the vertices (peaks) are combined by nine cards. There are ten pieces of the bottom row on them, and only they are initially open. The rest of them are turned upwards.

The remaining 24 pieces lie in a closed stack below the layout. One of them is open, and is located separately on the side. This place is a “house” or a discard deck, where the cards from the playing field will move.

Tripeaks Solitaire| Purpose and rules.

The player’s task is to completely disassemble the laid out figure by moving it one card at a time to the “House”.

In this case, the suit and even the color are not taken into account. The only rule is that the discarded cards should differ in nominal value per unit from the one lying in the “house”.

Reset occurs by clicking the computer mouse on the map (or touching on the touch screen).