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Spider Solitaire is a solitaire card game, one of the standard solitaire games included with Windows operating systems.

Spider Solitaire Game Rules

Considering the rules of the Spider solitaire game, the goal of the game, as in almost all solitaire games, is to clear the playing field and collect all the cards by suit. It is necessary to take two decks of 52 cards, mix them thoroughly and arrange them into ten piles face down. Only the top cards in the stacks are “open”.

Moreover, six cards are placed in the first four of them, and five cards are placed in the remaining six. The rest of the deck is put aside in order to use them after all possible moves are made.

The cards can be shifted from the youngest to the oldest in descending order, the king is considered the oldest, the ace is the youngest. For example: jack, ten, nine, eight… When you shift cards from one stack to another, you inevitably have cards turned upside down. They should be “opened” and used further according to the same rules.

It is allowed to overlap cards of different suits on the playing field, but it is advisable to lay out the correct sequence of the same suit, starting with the king, because only this kind of “chain” can be removed from the field. You can transfer an unlimited number of cards from stack to stack, but again, only if the chain consists of one suit. As soon as a chain is created from king to ace inclusive (of the same suit!), you remove it. If you have already made all possible moves and it doesn’t make sense to transfer any more cards, you can lay out another row from the postponed deck on top of the open cards, and everything starts over again. And so on until complete success or complete failure follows.

The differences between a computer game and a board game are insignificant, but still there. Firstly, you can play with one, two or four suits. Naturally, one suit is the easiest to fold. Secondly, you have the right to cancel moves until the last reset of the assembled chain or the next row is laid out, so you can think carefully and analyze each move and choose the optimal one. And, thirdly, you can save the game and return to it at any convenient moment.