Play Free Solitaire Tower

Solitaire Tower

Solitaire Tower is a modified version of the solitaire card game Golf Solitaire.

Tower Solitaire is a solitaire card game where played with one foundation where the player can build the foundation up or down without regard to suit.

The player is allowed to move cards from the tower to the foundation if the card in the tower is not partially covered by another card. The goal of the game is to remove the all the cards from the tower and place them into the foundation.

Rules and Description

The regulars of the “solitaire” section may initially confuse this game with the “pyramid” similar in the formation of the card layout, but this “tower” should be associated with the “Tripeaks” solitaire.

The simplicity of the rules and the high probability of a successful outcome gives you a high chance of winning.

Remove all the cards from the pyramid by stacking them on the base one (the open card to the left of the Menu and Undo buttons) according to the older principle. That is, if the base at the moment is, say, a three, then put a two or a four on it.

Aces are combined with deuces and kings. Of course, the cards from the pyramid that can be played must not be covered by others, that is, start disassembling from the base of the pyramid. Wild Card is a wild card, that is, it accepts any rank convenient for you.