Play Free Solitaire Klondike

Solitaire Klondike

Solitaire Klondike is one of the most popular variants of the Solitaire game in the world. This is a single-player game using a standard 52-card deck.

How to play Solitaire Klondike

The cards are dealt in seven columns, which are called the scoreboard. There is one card in the first column, two in the second, and so on up to seven cards in the seventh column. The top card in each column is face up, and all the others are face down. The remaining cards lie face down in one pile, which is called a deck or discard.

Move aces from the scoreboard to the base by clicking on the card or dragging it. Arrange the cards in piles in descending order of dignity (queen to king, 9 to 10, etc.). The color of the cards should alternate (red to black /black to red). You can move all the cards or part of one column in the scoreboard to another card. For example, 8 diamonds and all the cards under it move from 9 spades to 9 clubs.

You can move any king (and any cards attached to it) to an empty place in the scoreboard. Kings from the discard can be moved in the same way. You can only put the king in these places. If you run out of moves, you can take 1 card from the discard.

When you run out of cards in the discard, you can use them again any number of times. It is quite difficult to win without reusing the deck! . Fill in all the bases according to the suits in order of increasing dignity. (ace, 2, 3, etc. to the king) to win.